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Schwinn 470 vs Nautilus E614

Here is our comparison of the Schwinn 470 and the Nautilus E614 Elliptical, they are both great elliptical trainers but if you want an elliptical that has all the features you will ever need then we recommend you to get the Schwinn 470.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical
Nautilus E614

If you want to buy a professional-grade elliptical that will last for years then the Schwinn 470 elliptical is for you.
It offers a good amount of workout programs, a motorized ramp, and 25 resistance levels.

Nautilus E614 is a great elliptical for home use, it has 6-position manual incline adjustment, 22 workout programs, large articulating footplates and
20 levels of magnetic resistance.

Video Review

Video Review

Spec Comparison

Schwinn 470 Elliptical

Nautilus E614

Stride Length

The stride length is the furthest distance between the two pedals of the elliptical in motion. A longer stride will give you more natural feeling, like a running type motion.
If you are over 5’4″ you may prefer a 20 inch or higher stride length and if you’re over 6 feet, you’ll definitely want a 20 inch stride or more. Ellipticals with a stride length of 18 to 20 inch are suitable for people under 5’4″.




Elliptical trainers have either a manual, motorized or electromagnetic resistance. Increasing resistance on the elliptical in your workouts will make the workout harder, causing you to burn more calories but be careful if you are a beginner.
Some elliptical trainers have heart rate programs that adjusts resistance based upon your heart rate.

25 Levels of Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance

Magnetic, 20 levels of eddy current resistance

Drive System

The drive system, usually the flywheel is what moves when you apply pressure to the pedals. Its weight is directly related to how smooth an elliptical trainer will feel during training.

High speed high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel

18 lb. effective flywheel weight

Maximum Weight Capacity (LBS)


Number of Programs

  • 12 profiles
  • 9 heart rate control
  • 4 custom
  • 2 fitness test
  • 1 quick start
  • 1 recovery test
  • 9 profile,
  • 8 heart rate control,
  • 2 custom
  • 2 fitness test
  • 1 quick start

Incline, Decline Features

10 degree motorized ramp range with quick keys

6 position manual ramp adjustment

Heart Rate Monitor

Knowing your heart rate during a workout is important for maximum fitness benefits. Today we have many methods to measure our heart rate, but a built-in heart rate monitor has other advantages, like heart rate oriented workout programs.

Both contact grip and Wireless heart telemetry is available on the Schwinn 470.

Contact type: Measure your heart rate by grasping the stationary handles.

Console and Display Properties

2 LCD window System with backlight

DualTrack LCD displays

Water Bottle Holder

Cooling Fan


10 year frame, 2 year mechanical, 1 year electrical and a 90-day labor warranty

10 year frame, 2 year mechanical, 1 year electrical and a 90-day labor warranty

Last update: January 2023