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Proform Performance 600i vs Proform Power 995i

Both Proform Performance 600i and 995i are great treadmills from Proform, but if you want a treadmill that will last longer and have some extra budget go with the 995i.

Proform 600i
Proform 995i

If you want an affordable yet high-quality treadmill that offers many cool features than the 600i is for you.

The ProForm Power 995i is a runner type treadmill with a 60″ track. It has a strong motor of 3.0 CHP and automatic power incline (0-%15) feature.

Video Review

Video Review

Spec Comparison

Proform Performance 600i

Proform Power 995i

Running Area

When choosing a treadmill consider how you will use the treadmill mostly and the space available in your room. An 18-inch belt is suitable for walking. For runners, we recommend  20 inches or wider.

The length of a belt can vary from 50” to 65”.  55 inches will work for most people but, if you’re taller than 6 feet go longer.

20″ x 60″

20″ x 60″


Foldable treadmills allow you to fold up the machine in seconds and store away to conserve space.

Motor Power (HP)

The more power a treadmill motor has the faster it’ll be at changing speeds. We recommended treadmills with a motor of at least 2.5 horsepower or more.


Maximum Weight Capacity (LBS)


Maximum Speed (MPH)

Today there are many entry-level treadmills that reach 12 mph. 10 mph is the minimum speed for running, but we recommend you to get one that can reach 12 mph.


Incline, Decline Features

0 – 12%, automatic incline.

0 – 15%, automatic incline.

Heart Rate Monitor

Knowing your heart rate during a workout is important for maximum fitness benefits. Today we have many methods to measure our heart rate, but a built-in heart rate monitor has other advantages, like heart rate oriented workout programs.

The 600i has dual-grip sensors on the handlebars but people report that they are sometimes inaccurate.

The 995i has dual-grip sensors on the handlebars but people report that they are sometimes inaccurate.

Console and Display Properties

Has an LED display that is really basic and easy to read.

7″ Backlit Display will show, your speed, time running, distance covered, and calories burned every time you work out. 

Touch Screen

Cooling Fan

Tech-Features and Connectivity

  • iFit Coach Bluetooth Smart Enabled
  • Round Watts LED Display
  • IPod Compatible audio
  • Workout routes powered by Google Maps
  • iFit Enabled
  • iPod compatible audio with two speakes